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Passwordless and 2-Factor Mobile Auth:

No emails,

No new apps.
Make Your Web Logins Securer & Super Easy
Awaiting mobile auth
Mobile auth successful
Works in mobile messengers
Mobile messengers for Android & iOS: FaceBook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, VK; Chrome Push on Android.

Each user makes a simple visual choice, where to authenticate your logins. More channels coming soon!
LoginTap pushes auth requests into APPS THAT ARE ALREADY ON A PHONE:

Easy to Start and to Use

It takes 10 seconds to start - user just scans a QR from your website with the photo app.

LoginTap mobile auth leaves no need for daily logins and passwords.

On every next login user gets Push to confirm the login, which is just a tap away.

Safe & Anonymous
User always passes phone's security, including biometrics, to confirm the login.

A mobile phone is the only thing that's always at hand, so intrusions can be blocked instantly & remotely.

Tokenized & anonymous - no company knows your users - not their phones, nor emails. No one gets YOUR data. Ever.
Improve your site's ease and security!
Free Logins
Custom Logins
SaaS or On-Premises

You own brand in every
mobile auth channel

mobile Push messages

WhatsApp, SMS, Browser Push auth channels
Unlimited Users

Unlimited Web Sites

250 000 logins a month

SaaS, limited RPS

LoginTap branded
mobile auth channels
$95 - each 500K
monthly logins

$1495 - each 10MIL
monthly logins


LoginTap branded
mobile auth channels

Please note: To be fair we count user's YES/NO response as login. Billing period is a start date plus a month. "Free Logins" do not instantly stop at 250K - we take effort to inform you and allow time to take action ( if none taken - all users start getting "service unavailable" until a new billing month. So if you are growing fast and already hover around 250K, we advice "Non Stop Logins", as it never stops, just adds increments.
Basics of set up
Integration with your web site is very similar to OAuth SSO services of tech giants
Register for the LoginTap account, you will receive needed tokens & files
Include our backend library and add 2 DB tabes
Add the JS widget to the frontend of your web app
Use Tech Docs for more on endpoints between LoginTap and your site
When to call on LoginTap - we highly recommend doing it when user is recognised by cookies etc; BUT you can choose to use it as a pure 2FA, after your login is passed.
Calling on LoginTap right on entry, or on user's actions, for example, for an order confirmation, depending on your use case.
Checking if existing session timeouts keep making sense or could be shortened
Ready to give your users comfort & security?
Test Logintap auth in under 5 minutes
1. Press "Sign up" & fill up the form
You will recieve a new account into you email within 1 minute time.
2. Open your email and login into your account - DO NOT SAVE LOGIN DATA IN BROWSER
3. Press - "Connect a Messenger" - top right
4. In a pop up - pick a messenger, which you have on your mobile phone, where to auth your logins
4. Use your photo app, or any QR taking app to follow in the link on your mobile device
5. Press Start when in a messenger of your choice. You will see a message from the bot that connection is established.
6. Logout of your Logintap account
7. Enter your email & Press - "Logintap" button to use mobile auth.
8. Your messenger gets a Push with YES/NO buttons. Open & Press YES.
DONE - your are again in Logintap account. Without using a password.

This is just a one possible approach - use login to enter account. Read on more options in Tech Docs.